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    • Matthew Najmowicz

    • July 2, 2014 in Columnists

    Supreme Court confiscating the tools of democracy

    Yes, the Hobby Lobby decision was a bad decision. OK, fine. Let’s try to think about the Hobby Lobby decision in a broader context for a moment. What is the Supreme Court implying by their ruling along over subsequent rulings?

    Corporations can do whatever they like. They are people. They are protected by the federal, state and local governments. They are massive international organizations that run the world. Thank you and have a nice day.

    On top of the Hobby Lobby decision, we also had another nail in the coffin for unions. Remember unions? Also known as organized labor? Now people do not have to pay into the same unions from which they benefit. Let that sink into your brain for a moment.

    The implied message is quite succinct and plausible:  Corporations can’t be forced to do anything. Meanwhile, you are forced to pay for insurance.

    Shut up liberals — stop defending Obamacare for a minute and listen.

    Why would you want to defend a healthcare system in which a third party (your insurance provider) and now a corporation that sells art supplies to 4th graders can force your health choices upon you? You honestly want to defend Obamacare? And don’t start with the weak defense of “something is better than nothing.” What sort of progressive are you pretending to be?

    How can you stop companies like Hobby Lobby from telling you what to do with your body? You need to organize. Those now under-funded labor unions were one of many ways you stand up against real tyranny.

    Notice how everyone calls the government tyrannical and as soon as you mention Wal-Mart or Monsanto? Everyone has a knee-jerk reaction. This is the sort of conversation where a drug addict tries to tell you that crystal meth is bad for you.

    I see the scabs on your face, America, and unchecked corporate power is turning you into a meth addict.

    As corporations are treated like a newly canonized saint, unions would be the Mary Magdelene — just a whore, and who needs her. She needs you. We need one another.  You and I face the same problems and feel the same misery. We both see the lack of leadership on all political spectrums.

    Your religious freedom was never under attack, ever.  Your ability to speak not only truth to power but power to the powerless is being taken away from you. From net neutrality to the recent Supreme Court union decision, the tools for democracy are slowly being confiscated.

    I am not going to patronize women like Bill Clinton and say, “I feel your pain.” Ladies, I am saying your fight for birth control is only one fight in a war being fought on many fronts. Ladies, I root for you to win.

    My point here is that the war is bigger than people realize and understand. The true danger is that we will no longer be able to discuss our problems together under a democratic mechanism. Unions and the internet are some of those tools, and those are the stories you barely hear on Rachel Maddow and Chris Matthews TV programs. MSNBC is just as bad as FOX News.

    Come on, guys.

    Do you just want to call Republicans and the Tea Party assholes or do you want to fight something worth fighting for? Can’t we dream of the new society in which we have maximum liberty and promote equality?  Wouldn’t it be nice to buy a new car? Wouldn’t it be great to not hear another story with the phrase “He died because he didn’t have any money?”

    Wouldn’t it be nice to push back against Hobby Lobby?

    Stand up. Stand together. Yes we can.



    • I agree. I hope boycotting Hobby Lobby will help. It will hurt where it counts in their pocket books. I, for one, would never step foot in a Hobby Lobby wherever I travel and have encouraged everyone I know to boycott as well. We have a long fight on all fronts.

    • Matt – One of your best columns yet. Well written.

      • David Lacy

      • July 2, 2014 at 3:06 pm
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      It IS a great column. I’m irritated I can’t get it to post to FB.

    • Nope, won’t miss any of this stuff because we have never had “Constitutional Rights” or “Equality” or “Justice.” All we have ever had was what we thought were “Constitutional Rights” or “Equality” or “Justice.” It’s like the song says, “step out of line, the man come take you away.” Have a nice day.

      • Maya North

      • July 4, 2014 at 1:38 am
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      Beautifully said and true. We make lots of noise, but onward roll our societal losses…

      • Debra

      • July 7, 2014 at 9:51 pm
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      Hobby Lobby is a privately owned company … no shareholders. And, they have been and will continue to offer birth control. They just don’t believe in abortion. The only thing they fought for was the right to withhold post conception devices and pills from their insurance plans. C’mon, people. Let’s not exaggerate or embellish. This is NOT about health care or birth control, as much as the left would like people to believe. Being a woman, I’m quite offended that anyone would think I lack the intelligence to recognize this for what it really is … An attempt to distract and deflect us from the REAL agenda if full government control.

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