• Telepathy, clarivoyance and other random thoughts #1

    I was channel surfing and watched five minutes of Inside the Actor’s Studio with James Lipton.  The episode had guest Brad Pitt.  What exactly is James Lipton going to ask Brad Pitt about?  How does it feel to bang Angelina Jolie and is he sick of her bullshit yet?  Or will he ask how Brad Pitt feels about taking his shirt off all the time? 

    I am a cynical bastard — I totally cop to that particular crime.  I just discovered now that Conan O’Brian is actually kind of funny.  That’s the problem with constant cynicism, you never believe anyone when they tell you that something is in fact great.

    For the last week in Rhode Island, it has rained or drizzled every single night when I take the dog out.  Enough already!

    Speaking of Rhode Island politics, the gubernatorial race in 2014 is going to be, as the kids say, off the chain.  General Treasurer Gina Raimondo, Providence Mayor Angel Tavares, Governor Lincoln Chaffee, Cranston Mayor Alan Fung, and businessman Ken Block are all giving the high sign that they will run for governor of newly pro-gay Rhode Island.  That is a governor’s race we could put on pay-per-view.  Get out the popcorn, kids.

    Some people say bread is the enemy.  I think some people need to shut their pie holes, and have some bread.

    Robbie Rogers is Major League Soccer’s first openly gay athlete.  Now I am just waiting on the rest of that league to come out.

    I could listen to Nirvana’s cover of “The Man Who Sold the World” on loop for hours.

    Giada De Laurentiis — that jerk-off just annoys me with her show.  She comes out with her giant perfectly white smile and floats around like a butterfly in the Food Network TV show she hosts.  I would tune into the episode where she falls down on a slippery floor or trips into an oven or puts her hand in a blender because she thought her hand was a risotto.  If you ever see Giada with four knuckle marks on her forehead, it wasn’t from her husband… it was from me.  Say spaghetti correctly goddamnit!

    The DOW is over 15,000 points, taxes are at the lowest levels ever, and regulations are weak and pathetic.  Look into your wallets and look beyond the cobwebs and dust, I bet you have a dollar in it.   Job creator utopia.

    I don’t want to sound like I hate the current generation of video games.  I am simply saying that I am a 16-32 bit guy.  I like my Nintendo… super.

    I am an honor’s graduate from the community college I went to previously.  I did an honor’s project on Nintendo Corporation and their business practices.  Yeah, even video game producers are ruthless.

    It’s nice to see the Boston Red Sox plummet back to reality.  Sorry, that pitching staff is overrated… way overrated.

    My Democrat friends are all disillusioned with President Barack Obama.  I can’t blame them for how they feel.  Hope and Change just made people feel hopeless and with pocket change in their bank accounts.  The economy is a lot less his fault; however, the wars and GITMO show how spineless he is to the Pentagon and CIA.

    My mother makes this killer vegetable soup.  I mean it’s mostly canned, but still f’ing delicious. Mmm hmm.

    “Mmm hmm” is not a sentence in MLA format, but in APA format it’s fucking genius.  Eat my teats MLA… eat them!

    Question.  Is every single chick that studies literature/English just ridiculously hot?  Wanna pick up hot chicks?  Hang out in your English department at your local college or university.  I really screwed up with political science.  I tell people that I was a political science major and you would’ve thought I just peed on their cat.  I am in the wrong business.

    Lastly, I find the conversation about K-12 education reform just mind-boggling.  Every politician seems to have the same cookie cutter approach: break teachers’ unions and standardize test kids to death.  In Chicago, they are closing 50 public schools and parents, teachers and students are protesting.  Guess in which neighborhoods they are shutting the school down?  I will tell you that the children in those neighborhoods to not have the same skin color as yours, truly.  I suppose we don’t live in the media created “post-racial” civilization as reported.  American politicians are still doing what they do best — beat down the poor.

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