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    • Donald Sanders

    • June 17, 2014 in Columnists

    Terror in Winters, California

    There is something wandering the streets of my little town of Winters, California, and it is not of this earth. The newspaper has reported sightings of everything from a mountain lion to a bear. No, I’m sorry folks, but this thing is no animal. I don’t know exactly what it is, but I’m afraid to go outside my little home after dark.

    I was picking up a few tools around my back yard when I heard the terrifying noise this thing makes. I have never heard anything like it except on the scientific horror films of the 1960s. I heard it walking past my yard. I was terrified, so I lay hidden behind my hedges, trying not to breathe, fearing it would hear me. I was horrified!

    As I lay there on the ground behind my hedges, all I could think of was my family. If it found me would it go after them next? To make matters worse, I began to wish it would go after them now so I could get away. I could run down the alley and somehow get over to the market or maybe flag down a cop. I heard the thing coming back.

    I could hear the damn thing breathing just on the other side of the hedge. I knew it was looking for me and for a glancing moment, I could see its huge eye staring at me through the hole in the hedge. It had a sharp horn protruding from its face. It was terrifying. I peed my pants and I became aware that I might have to poop my pants too if it didn’t go away anytime soon.

    I was already in pain. I had one rib that was broken and several others that were bruised because my wife had tried to do away with me a couple of days back. She had pushed me so hard that I fell against the side of the pool and almost got wet. It crossed my mind that she may have put this monster in the street hoping it would give me a good probing like in the alien movies.

    I laid behind the hedge for what seemed like hours and hours. I could hear my wife in the house with her best friend Kim. They were laughing. It is a natural fact that my wife and her friend Kim have been up to no good since they were in kindergarten, like, a hundred years ago. Kim keeps a big dog with her all the time and I thought it was weird that it didn’t chase the monster. The dog ran into the house and I never heard a peep from it until I finally got away and ran to the house in my wet pants.

    Even though I was incredibly afraid, I had the guts to make a video of the monster passing my house. Follow the link below to view the monster. I have to warn you, it’s very graphic and may cause you nightmares. Watch it and you will have a vague idea of how frightened I was.

    Believe me; I have never been so frightened in my life. If something happens to me in the next couple of days, look to those damn women, Therese and Kim, because they have probably killed me. They think they are above the law. The video is my proof of the monster that wanders the streets around my house.

    Monster 4

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