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    • Donald Sanders

    • April 27, 2015 in Columnists

    The continuing struggle for human rights

    For people of color, these are pivotal times. Thanks to the cell phone video recorder, white America can see for the first time the truth of the injustice that people of color face every day. We now know that it is not imaginary as we have been convinced by mass media for all of these years. The simple truth is that people of color have suffered a different justice than the rest of us.

    Videos of police brutality are popping up everywhere. Videos from Ferguson, Missouri, show a young man dead on the street. Another video shows a man being shot in the back by a cop in South Carolina and then it catches the cop planting evidence on the body. These are only two of hundreds being released on a daily basis.

    Today, Channel 4 of Southern California at Southgate released a video of “a law enforcement officer grabbing what appears to be a recording device from the hands of an onlooker and kicking it away.” “The video shows the onlooker pointing what appears to be a small camera or a cellphone at multiple officers standing in front of a home. One of the officers then runs up to her and snatches it from her hands. When the device hits the ground, the officer kicks it away.” This incident and the others as well are now under Federal investigation.

    As these videos arise, we are forced to admit that there is a real problem and we can see it isn’t going to go away on its own. In Baltimore, the death of a young man while in custody has spurred violent protest. An entire stadium containing thousands of people were detained against their will to keep them from joining the protest. We have to wonder where all of this is going to go next.

    As I stated earlier, these are pivotal times for people of color. They find themselves on the verge of violent revolution and rightfully so. On one side of the razor’s edge, they can opt to keep things the way they are and always have been for them, but I don’t see that happening. Their other option is looming on the horizon and it involves protest on the street, violence and destruction. Everything is hinging on what the Feds do following their “investigations.”

    The problem with all of this is the fact that there have been many, many “investigations” by the Feds in the past with little or no results. It’s a natural fact that people of color have never had faith in “investigations” of any type, by any law enforcement agency, Federal or not. They simply do not work for easily understandable reasons that I associate with a monster feeding itself.

    It simply does not work when law enforcement “investigates” itself. This is true on so many levels. People of color are not stupid. As a matter of fact when it comes to “real life,” people of color have an innate understanding of what it takes to survive in a world where laws do not apply to them. They know that there are two different worlds. There is a world for whites and a different world for people of color.

    I fear that much of white America cannot see that this is true, either that or they do not care. However, this is increasingly changing thanks to the cell phone video recorder. Racism and injustice are hard to deny when it is being thrown in your face every day. Racism has an ugly face. It’s a face we all abhor to glance upon, so many try to ignore it. So, in the end, white America is on the razor’s edge right alongside people of color.

    So, I will say again, but in slightly different terms, “These are pivotal times for all Americans.” When the “shit” starts to fly, and believe me, the “shit” will fly, which way will the pendulum fall and in which direction will you lean toward? Will it be keeping things the way they are or will it be justice for all? Among all the total confusion in white America and the distrust of those in power which is common among people of color, I can only have faith that the right thing will ensue.

    I can only speak for myself, but if it ever comes to the point when faith in God above is not enough to tip the scales of justice, then there is only one direction I can take. The direction I take will be decided by people of color, for it is to their lead which I defer. It is for their rights that we must struggle, so it is for us as white Americans to stand and be counted in committed support of equal rights for all. I hope that people of color will know that we will help with any need that might arise for them. I have faith that “Stand We Will” as Americans in “Peaceful Protest.”

    We, as a country, cannot pass even the simplest test by which a country is commonly judged to be free or not — the amount of security enjoyed by our minorities is directly equal to the amount of freedom enjoyed by all. If one American has no rights, it goes to reason that none of us do. Remember, violence is not an option even though it is in our nature. Peaceful protest along with civil disobedience will take us to the dream that Dr. Martin Luther King saw so clearly in our future.

    • Sometimes violence is the only way even though I don’t believe it in. However, these injustices have gone on unnoticed for so long and finally things explode. There is worthless violence in looting and people who just want shit for free. But things will change I believe now because it shows the real truth, as you said. Our system somehow responds better to violence which is sad because it never works but people do take notice and in some ways positively, I do believe. Sad but true.

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