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    • Jesse Loren

    • May 10, 2013 in Columnists

    The death of the adrenals by gore and shock

    My adrenals just can’t process any more gore or shock.  I am all shocked out.  No more fetuses, no more brutality, my body can’t digest it. Oh, I am doubled over just thinking about it.

    I’ve had to remove some relatives from Facebook, mainly for making really ignorant statements.  I love my family, but the jingoism is strong in them.  Some actually sound like Fox News amplifiers.  Fox News is a non newsy source of right wing rhetoric, hate and adrenal-pumping drama.  My body can’t digest it. Uh oh, more gas.

    If right wing rhetoric was gluten, I would be gluten intolerant.  My skin hurts from it. My bowels tense and get bloaty. I’m sure I  am Fox News  intolerant.

    A wheat allergy is an immunoglobulin and mast cell response to  one of the 27 wheat allergens contained in wheat.

    Fox has at least 10 allergens:  Lies, conjecture, outrage, manufactured stories, hate baiting — these are the ones I react to, and there are more, but it hurts to think of them.

    My adrenals can’t process shock anymore either.  I have to defriend the folks who send out cut up babies, cut up faces, really stupid crap about how spoons don’t make them fat.  I can’t take it.  I can’t take mean statements about the President’s family.  Sasha and Malia didn’t vote to be in the White House. Leave them the fuck alone.  If Fox News doesn’t like the way Michelle Obama dresses,  then don’t buy that outfit.

    Here’s a shout-out to the folks who hate abortion:  Make birth control affordable and accessible.  It’s really simple.  The morning after pill should be free at the nurse’s office at school.

    Ah the nurse’s office.  When I was a kid, it truly was a nurse. Now, it’s a mom with some medical background who ends up parenting kids whose parents are too busy to notice their sick kids.  If you don’t believe me, go hang out in a high school for a day.

    My adrenals can’t process outrage. I can’t get outraged any more.  Instead of a 0-10 response, I only have 2 and 8.  Two is “Yeah, that probably happened,”  click.

    Eight is, “Jesus Christ, WTF!”  click.

    My advice to others who are over-saturated with Facebook outrage is to unfriend.  Just remove them from your screen like lint on a jacket.  Make the face like you are smelling something terrible. You’ll feel better if you make a face.

    I request you send me LOL Cats pictures, or real shots from nature.  I don’t want mechanically enhanced photos, just real sunsets, real butterflies and real kitties playing the piano.  A shout-out for clever voice-overs.

    In the meantime, I don’t know what to do for my tired, flabby adrenals. Is there rehab for the over-squeezed soul?  If so, please sign me up or send me a link.

    (This is dedicated to Sean the Druid who feels similarly.)

    • Same for me. I have defriended too.

    • I have about 5-6 conservative/Tea Party/libertarian friends. They know better to go up against the champ. 😉

      • Maya North

      • May 10, 2013 at 11:34 pm
      • Reply

      Sometimes I’m just exhausted. Other times I’m so pissed I write things like the Open Letter or help a nice woman who was robbed of her son to spread the word that this must stop. I also share dogs, but after months of sobbing hysterically, I am finding that I don’t have the emotional strength to do it every day. And for that, I feel guilty, but my body literally will not do it. Sigh…

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