• The Hobby Lobby Plague

    By now, you’ve probably heard: The Supreme Court sided with the Green Family, the evangelical Christian owners of Hobby Lobby Stores Inc., and decided the religious belief of a corporation can dictate what kinds of contraception it must supply its employees. So now, in addition to free speech, approximately 90 percent of US corporations now have certain religious rights.

    Instead of wasting brain cells contemplating the intelligence of our top court in the land, perhaps the more relevant issue is: “How much longer is this planet is going to be dictated by dickish religious zealots of all kinds?”

    Religious zeal may just be the biggest plague threatening our existence. For a myriad of reasons, religiously minded individuals throughout the world feel it is their divine calling to make sure those who do not worship their god are repressed at the least and exterminated at worst. If we don’t find a way to deal with this disease, it may eventually erase us from existence long before the ice caps melt and drown us. Frankly, after all we’ve done to Mother Nature, it would be a real shame to deny her the chance to finish us off first.

    The devout Christian fundamentalists in this country, like the Greens, are as hypocritical as any other radical sects anywhere else in the world. On the whole, they may not be as violent as other religious groups, but they are filled with just as much righteous indignation.

    Let me be perfectly clear… I have no issue with religion as a thought process or any mode of thought. You want to believe there is a god judging right from wrong? Fine. You want to live a life where your god thinks you are a vile, filthy rag who must be redeemed in order to ascend to heaven? Neato! You want to believe we are bugs and there is nothing after the lights go out? Good for you. Knock yourself out so long as it causes no discomfort to others. After all, believing what you want is part of the human condition. Forcing your belief upon others is not.

    The above basic premise is not exclusive. There is no prevailing religion. Christianity does not overrule Islam, which does not overrule Judaism, which does not overrule Hinduism which does not overrule Atheism. Seriously. Believe what you want. Organize peacefully, if it gives you a hard on, and share your universal philosophy with other like-minded humans if you can find them. But don’t go telling others what they must believe and do in order to satisfy your god or fulfill your story. It’s not their god and it’s not their story and it’s not for them to worry about.

    There is no “correctness” in forcing a religion’s ideology down someone else’s throat. There are only varying degrees of wrong and injustice that can come from giving others the “Believe as I do or suffer the consequences” ultimatum. All that kind of antagonism fosters is more of the same. And who wants that? Or perhaps more appropriately, what god wants that?

    For years, I’ve asked a question of every religion that has in its seat of power a judgmental, wrathful god who needs to be worshiped in order to love. The Supreme Court’s ruling reminds me that maybe it’s time we all start asking… Why would any divine being be filled with prejudice, insecurity and other traits that exhibit the lowest, most despicable forms of human behavior?

    From a zealot’s perspective the answer is usually the same: “God works in mysterious ways.”

    Yeah. No he doesn’t. If your god needs worship to feel love, hates homosexuals, doesn’t welcome free will, wants to eradicate the world of other religions and sits in judgment, your god isn’t mysterious. He’s a real prick!

    But that’s just my opinion. Which I’m entitled to. And which brings me back to the beginning.

    How do we find compromise on this matter?

    We don’t. No one is going to convince me their god has all the answers and I’m not going to convince anyone their god is a lot like the super villain in a Marvel Comic.

    That is the plague we will never cure and should stop trying lest it annihilates us. At the very least, man’s entire existence on this planet has proved that no one religion or mode of thought is going to prevail. It just isn’t. So let’s evolve, recognize that we are different, and move on.

    Here’s my recommendation: Keep your religion to your own group. Stop being indignant or disrespectful of others who don’t see the Universe your way. Realize that tolerance is actually more divine and godlike than even your own god. Eradicate the need to make your god almighty and we just might be able to exist together in a more heavenly earth.

    Or at least until it literally becomes hotter than hell on earth.

      • Maya North

      • June 30, 2014 at 7:32 pm
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      These types creep me out and a lot of their prayers just make my skin crawl — “I love you God, please don’t squish me!” “God, you’re the best, the greatest, the most magnificent — please don’t let the monsters get me!” “God, I kiss your hairy toes! I worship the wart on your nose! Please annihilate all the unbelievers!” I actually do believe in a Divine Consciousness, but this being doesn’t resemble anything I’ve seen in these sorts of versions of faith and certainly doesn’t need me to kiss any noncorporeal heinie in order to prevent divine disaster. I also don’t need a carrot or a stick to do my best to do right for the sake of rightness. Oy…

    • Oy vey is about all I can say about Hobby Lobby. Thank goodness I don’t go to them and won’t ever when I go to the states that have them there. Great thoughts Gary.

    • You are SO singing my song… Imagine no religion. No, really… just imagine. Religion is the single biggest cause of human suffering, misery and death. The world would be better off without ALL of it.
      Except maybe the Buddhists and Pagans, who mind their own business. They get a pass.

    • Religion is the most dangerous power on earth.

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