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    • Stacey Robinson

    • June 4, 2014 in Bloggers

    The holiness of silence

    I remember the silence of the desert.

    I entered those wild lands
    of heat and cracked earth
    and wind that twisted
    everything it kissed.

    My shadow danced, a stumbling gait
    on the solitary plains
    and morphing hills that rose
    and sank and shimmered
    under a sky deserted of

    I felt its blueness.
    It lay heavy on my skin,
    and tasted of bronze,
    swept clean
    And empty.

    I saw visions there,
    and felt the echoes of
    and still my shadow danced–
    there was no hiding from it
    in the silence and sere beauty
    Of wind and earth and trackless glory.

    I walked
    And danced
    And stumbled
    In a vast and antique land
    Of dangerous,
    Of desolate grandeur,
    To gather together
    My brokenness,
    To return to the gate of Heaven
    And rest, at last,
    In the hand of God.

    I remember the desert
    And the holiness of silence.

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