• author
    • Stacey Robinson

    • October 30, 2013 in Columnists

    The Sound of Aleph

    I chased the sound of aleph

    I felt the whisper of it on my skin
    And it moved in me.
    Its straight edges
    filling me
    urging me
    to move,
    to dance,
    and feel the curve of the earth
    and stand at the beginning of sky
    and the end of the sea,

    I sought the sound of aleph–
    The breath of God
    that lifted me,
    and freed me,
    and called
    A benediction to me.
    I chased a hymn of silence,
    a psalm of light
    And yet I see only shadow:
    A silhouette
    Of dark against
    darker still
    and limned in pale silver.
    I smelled the music
    that clung to your skin
    like spring,
    like coming home.

    And there,
    at the edge of
    Where the journey ends
    and I begin,
    and all that separates
    Earth from sky
    is a thin band of bending

    Exactly there—
    A vibration of holy breath
    That filled the space around me
    And moved in me
    Like water,
    And there I was whole
    in the sound of aleph.

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