• The time is right, and we’re waiting

    by Donald K. Sanders

    I have seen many wonderful things. Life consists of a constant series of events. Depending on how we react to them, they push us to and fro, molding us into who we are. Of the innumerable amount of events encountered during our lifetime, 98 percent of them are repetitive, day-to-day chores and interactions that simply, slip in and then slip out of our lives.

    They draw very little attention in their passing. It’s only natural that we consider some events to be positive and others to be negative. It seems to be a fact that the events that stand out in our memories are primarily negative in nature, for they differ from the others and require special attention. They stand out like a sore thumb or a flat tire. They draw responses that are unpredictable and unexpected.

    The remaining two percent of events are those that are considered to be life-altering. They occur less frequently and are considered more important. These events are capable of affecting your behavior for many years. Take, for instance marriage, birth, and the death of our loved ones. The majority of these greater events are still personal in nature, for they will alter your life but may have no affect on your neighbor.

    These events may come to us less frequently, but they are noticed and we remember them. They shape and mold our lives within our small individual family and peer groups. The end of the Vietnam War, the fall of the Berlin Wall, and a Russian daughter-in-law are all as significant to me as the birth of my children, the birth of my grandson, and my own passing from this world to the next.

    If well thought out, it becomes obvious that each and every event that occurs in our lifetime should be considered as wonderful. Even the worst of events will, in fact, mold us and give us direction if they’re looked at in a positive manner.

    There are a few outstanding events capable of altering the behavior of the entire world. The birth of Buddha, Christ, and Muhammad (alphabetical order) are all representative of positive major events. Major events are indiscriminate and human in nature. They affect us all, equally. This type of event will ripple through time and space to touch us all. No barrier can block its progress.

    I would have to state that the events of the civil rights movement of the 1950s and ‘60s stand out as one of the most wonderful of events that I have been witness to. The struggle for human rights and the events that surround it have had a profound affect on me and the way that I think. Today’s actions are deeply rooted in the major religious events that I mentioned above. In truth, these events, more than any other, will define me and my generation as a whole.

    In recent years, we have witnessed the election of a man of color to the highest and most powerful office on the face of the Earth. In the very near future, we may be witness to one of the greatest events since the beginning of recorded history.

    At this very moment in time, two people with differing philosophies are moving in opposite directions. Eventually they will turn to meet in dialogue. This event will be the birth of world peace. I believe Barak Obama to be capable of an event such as this, for they are accomplished only if the right person has the opportunity to do exactly the right thing at exactly the right moment.

    The world yearns for peace and we are ripe with leadership that is willing to take us there. Yes, I have seen many wonderful things. We are in the midst of a major event that has given the world a faith renewed. The eyes of the entire world are once again gazing toward the United States with great hope and a growing love. They wait patiently, for they know that the event they’ve been hoping for is near. They await the event that will be seen as the birth of world peace. Never before in our history have the conditions for such an event been better.

    • I tend to see in Rose Colored glasses and have for most of my life. Most events I find a way to be happy. I know Donald you struggle sometimes as you have lived and fought in war while I observed and protested. But we all can find happiness but focusing on it. The negative will always be there if we want to dredge it up but I prefer happy.

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