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    • Matthew Najmowicz

    • January 18, 2013 in Columnists

    The true tyranny is deep within us

    The gun control debate escalated to something akin to a bad George Orwell novel with a reoccurring argument declaring if people had guns, they can topple their tyrannical government.

    Of course labeling the US government as tyrannical is a bit of s stretch. Granted our federal government does stupid ass things that I totally disagree with, but to go as far as to call the government totalitarian, monarchical, Communist, or tyrannical, I’d say consider the source that makes such a declaration.

    Mostly the crowd that has been saying things like this has been the National Rifle Association and the Libertarians.

    Those two gangs of people have been doing all the screaming, bitching, and moaning about the latest proposal by President Obama to bring some sort of justice following the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School.

    The reaction to the executive orders signed by the president has been one word: tyranny.

    May I suggest that the tyranny might be coming from you ladies and gentlemen and not some secret shadow government?
    I have been talking to these asshole Libertarian fringe for weeks. Instead of people coming together and trying to come up with a pragmatic and sensible solution, the lunatic margins of society have taken over the debate figuratively by gun point.

    Why? They feel enslaved. They feel helpless. They sense no hope in the dark days of the present.

    How in the world could this happen? It’s actually very simple, you are what you read.

    Reading? Yes, what you read shapes your predilections, your ideology, your beliefs, and what you know. They go to the same websites and read the same books by Ayn Rand and Ricky Santorum. They go to think tank websites like the Cato Institute and get the same formulated arguments by senior fellows Tucker Carlson or Jerry Taylor. They parrot the same words over and over again, and never question why they believe what they do. Most importantly, they just want to win. They want to be right and validated.

    It almost sounds like politics can just be another religion, just another way of believing something that isn’t real, but they will push it to the brink, and facts or sound reasoning will never enter the conversation.

    We raised taxes recently. Did America fall into a sinkhole? No, of course it didn’t. But the masses of zealots who read the same articles over and over again are absolutely righteous in their convictions. Raising taxes was the responsible and pragmatic thing to do, and yet there are those who genuflect at the altar of Grover Norquist and chant to never raise taxes.

    The tyranny is their bigoted beliefs. The Big Brother that is over their shoulder is Alex Jones’s website. The Illumnati that they believe in is just themselves not willing to listen to another side or question why. The tyranny is their so-called principles, just another way to say, I will never listen or change.

    Of course there is a remedy I alluded to earlier, reading.

    There are tons of old books, old philosophies, and old intellectual inheritances from the Enlightenment are waiting to be enjoyed by the masses. Instead my one friend told me, “I read all the time.” I asked what books he was reading. He was reading stuff from Glenn Beck, Sarah Palin and Sean Hannity, which was very courageous to say the least. Talk about nourishing your mind, nourishing it with Cheese Whiz.

    Evidently my friend likes scary books that just pump fear into your heart and give you a martyr complex.

    The truest form of tyranny is deep within us. We put up walls, we hate, we want to only win, and we don’t want to listen to each other. How in the world did all of this happen? What caused us to have hardened hearts where the word no is the only word anyone utters anymore?
    Want to save yourself from God’s Rapture? Read another holy book. Want to save yourself from a tyrannical government? Read Plato’s “Republic.” Want to save society? Listen to the guy next to you and try to understand his or her point of view.

    To escape tyranny, you just need another idea.

      • Maya North

      • January 18, 2013 at 5:05 pm
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      Oh this is good, Matt. This is good on every single level! I love your reasoning, I love the solution you propose. I am sad to say that these poor souls will likely never climb out of their pit, but perhaps that explains why I never give up talking to them. They will probably never read anything but what frightens them, but I'm their friend and I just won't shut up 😉 Silly optimistic cynic me…

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