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    • Donald Sanders

    • December 17, 2014 in Columnists

    They say when you hear the sound of devils, all else is quiet

    “They say when you hear the sound of devils, all else is quiet. My general question about that is, how do you know if what you are hearing is the work of such devious things? I would venture to say that such devilish noises occur when large numbers of men decide to force the hand of mortality upon one another and I’d say further that, upon such occasions, there’s not just one sound, but many. It is a quiet orchestra of death. It’s also possible that the man who said it was deaf or in shock.”
    ~  Captain Lee Briggs, “Love,” 2011

    In my time, I have moved from one to another, one army, one skirmish, to the next. Everywhere I go, I always, always behold countless moral follies, always watching death. I have held with Alexander, Hannibal, Custer and Ike in the last months of their time – peculiar men. They christened me the man of nine lives. They all wish to understand how to get out of this place. I reply, “I don’t know I’m just here to observe your passing.” With that, I travel on, turn the page of the “History of Man” by Who Gives a Shit.

    Back and forth and forth and back, it’s always the same story – different days, different ways. We worship those who are capable of creating the greatest carnage in uncountable ways with the bottommost of budgets. They place importance in words on paper and digits with commands only the crazy can understand to follow. Stand here, stand there, eyes front, eyes rear. Turn left, turn right, stop here, stop there.

    I understand words can harm and can heal. I cannot conceive of a power to place pen to pad, instructing one group to destroy another though it is a commonality among some. I suspect such words are dark and obscure in purpose and meaning. I hope there are words, from the light, that would expose the meaning of such black and hidden things to bring them to their end. But I have seen none. It is with a purpose that I seek such truth, which is life over death.

    My generation and the next, it is too late for us. It is possible, however, for us to become enlightened to the fact that those who will come later could live their lives without wars and dark things. It is also possible that my generation and the next are capable of striving to create such a world for the unborn, the innocent ones. Why can we not do this for them?

    We are a part of the whole, a slice of the orange, a piece of the pie. We are the same – so why are we different? I find this very strange and I am confused. We are a people of laws and regulations, so why can’t we obey these laws and regulations as designed? Why such violence and anger? I have looked at this over and over and it always is the same.

    It’s easy for me to think about behavior and actions, for I have what I need to survive in the manner to which I am accustomed, so why should I think to cause problems? My children are much the same. Should the need arise, those around me will come to my aid and share in their abundance. For this I am truly grateful and pray it will be so forever. It’s natural for those like me to shy away from the negative and face the positive.

    It is also true that I do not practice what I preach. It’s a fact that my heart is eager, but my mind is not. As much as I would like to help the poor and the needy I do little or nothing for them. I can see that life is not equal and some do not have what I have. If you take a look at yourself, you might find this is true of you as well. My question can only be, “If I can strive to end wars, why can’t I strive to help the needy?”

    If it is natural for us to shy away from the negative and face the positive, we have to change the negative to the positive if anything at all is to be done to combat poverty and injustice. The law is the law and it should be for all. When there is a disturbance in our life, shouldn’t we understand what the cause of this disturbance is? Chances are we already know.

    At this point in time, many have taken to the streets in an effort to open the eyes of the world to the fact that there are injustices to be dealt with. I don’t understand how you and I can be truly happy until this is straightened out by those in authority. I am compelled to speak out and come to the aid of those in need of help and have nowhere to go and no one will listen to them when they speak out. One part of society has an equal right to be heard by the other, or it doesn’t. If it doesn’t, then this is not a society – it is a dark place where the sounds of devils arise.

      • Madgew

      • December 17, 2014 at 8:15 am
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      Donald, have a joyous holiday and New Year. You are a good man Charlie Brown.

    • It will take all of us, pulling together in one direction, to drag racism out of our society.
      Glad you’re on the team!

      • JT

      • January 11, 2015 at 2:16 pm
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      Isn’t the beginning of your dialogue from the beginning of the movie called “love” filmed in 2011?

    • JT if it is parentheses you want you might want to skip my shit. Don’t care too much for em, never did, never will. I like the fact that you are the 4th person to read anything I have written. I thought that Maya and Debra had to read them because they are editors and Madge just doesn’t know any better. (She thinks I am a writer????) If you worry too much about grammar you will miss the point of what people are trying to say. So there it is Dear, I don’t give a shit about quotes! Every word in this comment is included in someone else’s words. So sorry, “Love” you.

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