• This Article is Half True (except for the end part)

    by Hollye Dexter

    The other day I was having a conversation with my friend Barb about, you know, all the usual girly stuff: The arc of life, karmic patterns we repeat, the existence of god, and shoes. She said she wasn’t at all airy-fairy, had never been to a psychic (can you imagine?) but asked if I believed at all in astrology. Yes! I said. Well, usually. I added. Actually, sometimes not. The truth is…I told her, I think everything is 50 percent true, whether it be religion, politics, Nurture-vs-Nature, the Secret, the Power of Positive Thinking, Karma, The Bible, George Carlin.

    I mean, yes, I believe there is something to the alignment of the stars and the way it affects us. The moon affects the tide, farmers plant according to the cycles of the moon. So why not? Gravitational pull and all, I do believe we’re affected. But I don’t believe most of the astrological crap on the internet or in entertainment magazines. So, you know…I believe in half of it.

    I believe in the good parts of most religions, and as far as I can see, the basic tenets are the same. Be a good person, don’t steal, cheat, lie, kill people (unless, of course, you need to steal their country or stomp out their religion). But then there are the parts about selling your daughter into slavery and smiting your neighbor for…I don’t know, things like wearing a fabric made of two fibers or eating shellfish. And no one really knows who or what God is or who EXACTLY wrote the Bible and who EXACTLY has tampered with it throughout history….and since it is written by man, and we humans are flawed by nature, it is certainly prone to error and the influence of a certain scribe’s own perceptions or political intentions. I mean, Glenn Beck has written a lot of books, he considers himself inspired by God…and it frightens me to think that in 2000 years someone could find his book in a cave somewhere and uphold it as an absolute truth. So…again, 50 percent belief there.

    I believe that politics is mostly a game of power, but that some people go into to it for truly altruistic reasons, or some go in for 50 percent altruistic reasons and 50 percent power reasons. I believe half of what politicians say, and half of what the talking heads say. (The hard part is figuring out which half to believe.)

    I do believe in the power of positive thinking (the Secret and Tony Robbins and all that). I mean, yeah, it’s great to believe in something good and put all your intention there. But then, shit happens. Your business burns down, a hurricane hits, people betray you out of nowhere…and no positive thinking can prevent some of that stuff. So, you know, it’s all good, but still, only half of the picture.

    But now let me tell you what I believe in 100 percent. I believe in the power of love. This is not some cheesy cliché or song lyric, I mean this wholeheartedly because I am living it. I have been knocked down so hard this year, by many more things than I reveal in my blogs, and I’ll be damned if every time I wasn’t scooped up by loving arms and put back on my feet. Love is what strengthened and healed me. I can’t find anything about love to not believe in. Not even 10 percent doubt.

    Something else I believe in 100 percent – my husband. Because the other day, when I was in tears feeling completely defeated as my life and appliances were all exploding at the same time, I sobbed I’m losing everything. He took my hand and simply said, “Love wins.”

    And as I and many of my friends navigate the rough waters that seem to be pervasive right now, I know we will all make it to the other side of this, because we’ll hold hands, form a chain and get through it together. Because LOVE WINS.

    And for anyone who might be mad at me for what I said about the Bible, please know I have great respect for those of you with that good solid faith. I struggle with faith every day, but admire those of you who are strong in yours. And anyway, like I said at the beginning of this blog…everything is only half true, so you can throw out the parts of this blog that you don’t like.

    Except for the love part. That part is absolutely true.
    Trust me on that one.


    • Hollye,
      It was the title that sucked me in but it is the love that wins. You and Maggie Burns should be friends, with me of course. We don’t have to actually meet in person we just have to know that down the road we are all a link in the the other guy’s chain. I think that you guys might be almost as smart as I am.

      • Judy

      • July 6, 2011 at 1:01 pm
      • Reply

      Inspiring and beautifully written, Hollye. Thank you.

    • Hollye, as always a loving tribute to love and I love you. Okay you too, Donald. Hollye is my friend and as far as I am concerned you’re in.
      Hollye, your infectious smile and ability to trust in people and your own self determination show love to everyone. I know you have introduced me to amazingly loving people and I love you for that as well. It is a Hollye love fest from me.

    • love this…love you…love troy and hope and integrity and dignity and friends and grand babies and blue sky and puppies who chase butterflies and mojito’s and possibilities of great things ahead.
      You, my dear, are one talented and brilliant writer. You speak truth like no body else. That is 100% truth…

    • I love your beautiful comments Donald, Judith, Madge and Kristine.

    • Lovely column, Hollye! Love can fill all the cracks. 🙂

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