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    • Tom McMasters-Stone

    • June 12, 2017 in Columnists

    The truth, the hole truth…

    Last week, James Comey testified before Congress and called POTUS a liar, and by implication, a sneaky, conniving SOB.

    No surprise there — at least for two-thirds of the country, anyway.

    Walt Disney illustration.

    We also heard from Eric Trump that Democrats are not “…people.”

    Hmmm. I accept his congratulatory comment, congratulatory because of the source, right?

    This week, Attorney General Jeff Sessions will testify, under oath.

    What do we know so far?

    Well, we know that Sessions 1) recused himself from the Russia investigation, and 2) has claimed that certain meetings with Russian officials did not happen.

    Sessions has reportedly offered his resignation to the Trumpster. He also was, by POTUS’ description, involved in the firing of the head of the Russia investigation — Comey.

    We also know that the NSA tracks and records meetings and phone calls between Americans and officials that represent countries hostile to the best interests of the United States.

    So, in Jeff Sessions, we find a man embroiled in the shitstorm that is the current White House, one of the many suffering under a cloud of inconsistency, turmoil, and pressure to remain loyal at the expense of the truth or reality.

    We have a man who aspires to be the main occupant of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

    And now he will be under oath, in the unenviable position of, perhaps, being caught between the truth and the defenses put forth by his spokesmen.

    What should we expect?

    Full survival mode, methinks.

    What choice does he have? Stay on the Titanic, or get off and keep his hopes for the future alive?

    Big Brother has been watching and listening, and there are certainly NSA videos and tapes. Trump has eroded any loyalty that this man once had. Remember, Sessions was the first United States senator to jump on the Trump bandwagon — firmly and loudly.

    However, Trump thinks he needed nobody but himself to get where he is and is always in “What have you done for/to me lately?” mode.

    I believe two scenarios are likely.

    The first, and most likely, is that he throws Trump under the bus, follows in Comey’s footsteps, and confirms that he participated in Comey’s firing under pressure after even after recusing himself, and that he met with Russian representatives with the full knowledge of POTUS.

    The benefit of this would be survival, living to fight another day, and keep his aspirations alive.

    The second scenario would be to use his 5th Amendment rights to refuse to answer some of the questions, and perhaps to claim confidentiality and/or executive privilege as well.

    Decisions, decisions.

    Well, it depends.

    If he still hopes to be president, he goes one way, and the Trump bandwagon takes another hit.

    On the other hand, if Sessions realizes he is slightly-burned toast, he punts. He protects Trump as much as he can while maintaining his credibility and stays as Attorney General until Trump nominates him to a Federal judgeship. He can still count on his former Senate colleagues to confirm him as a judge.

    He cannot, however, afford to wait for a SCOTUS vacancy, and that particular battle would be bitter under any circumstances anyway — and he probably would not get through it successfully.

    I would guess that Trump has been lobbying him already, probably more than once. Sessions is no dummy, and he truly embodies many of the positions that Trump has put forth. On the other hand, he is working for a president who has only a one-third approval rating from the American public, and perhaps even less from the rest of the world.

    Consequently, I predict that he will be satisfied with a federal judgeship, with hopes of being elevated later on to a position where he can chip away at what he views as the liberal evil in the world, and the erosion of Mom, of apple pie, and of the domination of the white man in this country.

    Amerika. Given the choice, he will not turn his back on Comrade Trump.

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