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    • Julie Parker

    • March 7, 2014 in Columnists

    Uprising, artistically speaking

    Matias Bombal

    Matias Bombal


    I’ve always enjoyed watching old movies (1930s-1940s), especially during my teen angst years when I desperately needed a form of escapism. Musicals, romantic comedies and screwball comedies were the best.

    This week’s podcast includes an interview with Matias Bombal, a fellow classic movie fan, who has created unique movie review videos, integrating the classic movie style into them. (Look for MABHollywood on You Tube.) I appreciate his keeping our collective cinematic history alive in this interesting format.

    Bombal advised me that, even though he owns a license to insert clips from the movies he critiques into his videos, he frequently hits the wall of the Goliath movie studio owned corporations. Nothing, absolutely nothing which they don’t control will be allowed anywhere near their potential moneymakers, e.g, “Monument Men.” Bombal discusses this during the interview.

    Fortunately, for Bombal and the public, countries like Australia aren’t binding to the same copyright laws and one theater in particular actually shows his videos during its “coming attractions” previews.

    My parents learned early that as soon as I was told I couldn’t have something, I immediately had to have it. I don’t care for Goliath controlling what I can and cannot watch. I don’t have a voice in the entertainment industry, but I do have one, and I will be speaking loudly.

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