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    • November 4, 2016 in Columnists

    If you vote(d) for Trump, you don’t care about rape survivors

    The terror takes you. The cage is locked and the curtain drawn. Fingers dance along as blades, carving memories into your flesh that will leave scars long past being healed.
    Amanda Steele, The Cliff

    There are a lot of people worried out here. We envision the horrific possibility of a Trump presidency and we shudder and feel queasy and even a little teary. We look at Trump Pence signs and make warding gestures as we drive by.  We have apocalyptic visions, shades of horror as we run all the potential futures that stem from from a Trump win.

    They all end badly.

    There are so many reasons why this rancid orange sack of moral rot should never hold office, but there’s one reason unique to women who have been traumatized by sexual or gender violence– and to those who love them.

    If we elect this lurching bag of testosterone poisoned nastiness, we are electing someone who is quite plausibly a rapist and by his own admission, a devotee of sexual assault. If you haven’t watched the “Pussygate” video by now, you are a child being sheltered by protective parents, living on a mountaintop somewhere or you have no access to media whatsoever.  (Here’s an article that contains that video just in case, though:  The Pussygate video and an article about it ).

    If you vote for — or have already voted for — this appalling waste of protoplasm whose list of evils is so long that I cannot believe he wasn’t arrested long before the campaign got this far — this is what you’re saying to women who have been assaulted. Here is what you are saying directly to me, because I am among that number:

    You are saying that you don’t care that women are raped and assaulted so often it isn’t even news.

    You are saying you are indifferent to the shame and stigma that is attached to it.

    You are indifferent to the PTSD that so often follows assault — PTSD that keeps women jumpy and terrified often for the rest of their lives.

    You do not care that women have to spend most of their lives surveying their surroundings to evaluate safety.

    You don’t care that women are nothing more than portable fuckables to men like this and you feel men are entitled to see women as portable fuckables and…

    …you are fine with women who do not qualify as portable fuckables being worth absolutely nothing to the leadership of this country.

    I was once qualified — and used — as a portable fuckable. I am no longer. It’s quite the relief.

    In Trump’s world, there will be no respect. There will be even less protection than the embarrassment we have now. Those of us who do not meet the standards of this rotting piece of animated filth will certainly not be worth being treated well as US citizens. After all, we don’t have the sacred penis and bearers of the sacred penis do not want to fuck us, ergo, we are worth little or nothing. Those who do qualify will be seen as “targets of opportunity” and their gropers, harassers, molesters and rapists will get away with it because, after all, the president did it so what’s the problem?

    I wonder if the pot bellied, spindle-legged, thinning haired, skin-tagged, wide-assed women my own age who so eagerly wave Trump signs realize that he doesn’t even see them as human.

    Women who have been assaulted are terrified that Trump will win. Listening to Trumplings excuse or minimize what he has said, the evidence of what he has done, telling these women to “grow a pair” and to “get over it” is like being assaulted all over again. If this campaign alone — and all the vile things that have emerged as it has progressed — can traumatize survivors, having him be elected, knowing that millions of our fellow Americans feel that women mean that little — that survivors mean that little — is going to feel like being raped all over again — and again. And again.

    And again.


    • “Portable fuckables.” Brilliant. In “The Handmaid’s Tale,” women were nothing more than wombs on legs. In the Trump Tale, we’re just vaginas on legs… as long as we’re fuckable, and then we’re nothing at all.

      I could never have imagined that our country would turn toward this, nor that people I know would endorse it.

      This has been a horror show.

        • Maya North

        • November 4, 2016 at 7:11 pm
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        It truly has.

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