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    • Amy Ferris

    • September 30, 2015 in Bloggers

    We must save our own lives so we can help others

    this is what i know this morning
    post coffee
    pre wine

    a little over one year ago i set out to do something because i was in deep pain. it took the death of robin williams to shed a massive light – a fucking klieg – on depression & suicide & mental health issues, and the horrific stigma attached to it.

    it’s easy to make-believe you’re not sad. you retreat, you hide under the covers, you tell folks, yeah yeah fuck yeah i’m good… i’m good. you can drink yourself silly & make believe that every night is a special night, you can say yes when you wanna say no, and you can give away all the goodies because you think that will keep you included, loved, wanted.

    what i know a year later: sadness is not something you can hide away or disguise because we wear it – it’s right there – right there – in our eyes. a neighbor, a friend, a co-worker, a lover, a sister, a brother, a stranger, a partner, a wife, a husband – look at them – look in their eyes. if it’s there, you will see the sadness. good friends, good people, good folks can see that. they can. and let me say for the record: goodness, kindness – generosity of spirit – does not have an expiration date.

    human beings are capable of such amazing greatness.
    such beauty, it’s awe-fucking-inspiring

    we are all capable of lifting another human, championing another human, encouraging & inspiring another human. one word can change a life. one gesture can ignite hope, faith. one human can inspire huge courage, huge bravery.

    i went to bed last night overwhelmed by the generosity, the courage, of each of you for sharing our book, “Shades of Blue.” my heart was full. iKen held me and said, you did good today.

    we ALL did good.
    we made the world better kinder, bigger, sexier, & lovelier and hopefully wiser.
    we are made – stitched together – with compassion.

    what i know today is that saving a life begins at home, with our self.
    we must save our own lives, so that we can help others.
    we must love ourselves.
    we must forgive ourselves.
    we must honor ourselves.

    we are so very necessary.
    the world needs us.


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