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    • Donald Sanders

    • November 27, 2015 in Columnists

    When humans harm Nature, Nature needs our help to recover

    Humans are pretty smart. Sometimes we’re too smart. There’s a good side and a bad side to even this fact. We’re smart enough to know that war is not a good thing but we aren’t smart enough to avoid them. We know that we’re doing irreversible damage to the entire Earth but we keep on killing trees and burning oil.

    I believe animals are pretty smart too. Humans are smart in one way and animals are smart in another. There’s a surefire way to prove that animals are smart and that’s by the fact that they shy away from humans. A good example is if a human was lying injured in what is left of the forest, an animal would not stop to help him. As a matter of fact, some animals will sit nearby and wait until death comes to the human and then they will eat him.

    I’ve noticed two distinct types of humans. One type loves the Earth and will go out of their way to keep it healthy and happy and the other type is responsible for all the trash that litters the roads and creeks. Two types of humans, I fear, is not a good thing. They can never agree on anything and each feels that their type is better than the other.

    Most of the time the two types of humans are separated by rivers or imaginary lines they call borders. They like it that way. They all have armies that stop other types of humans from crossing these borders. It’s a funny thing, but these human armies even dress differently so they each know who they are. After all, you wouldn’t want to shoot one of your own types would you?

    It really doesn’t matter what one type does, because the other type will always oppose it and go in the opposite direction, thus humans go to war. They kill and kill until they get tired of killing. Periodically, they destroy everything they have accomplished in the last thousand years so you can see that it really does not matter what they do because they’re going to destroy it anyway.

    For generations, the two types of humans dumped their garbage and sewage into the forest and rivers simply because it was convenient. It didn’t matter that sewage dumped on one side of a border was carried across to the other side. They didn’t care if it wasn’t healthy for those that live downstream because they were probably the other type anyway.

    So now we’re coming to the point I’m trying make. Neither type of humans considered the fact that if you dump your poison into the rivers and creeks it would kill everything it comes into contact with. Everything that was once good about nature was gone or was in trouble and soon to be gone. Rivers and creeks became lifeless and rancid with the stench of humanity.

    Fortunately, the downstream type of humans convinced the upstream type of humans that if a river is poison downstream, it stops all life from getting upstream. Fish will not survive living in human scum and they cannot even swim through it. It stands to reason that if there are no fish in a river there will be no wildlife at all because they all are interconnected and depend upon each other.

    When I say animals are smart it may make some of you giggle. Well go ahead and giggle because I know for a fact that they try to communicate with us but most of us don’t listen. If something is wrong in the forest, the animals will tell us. Anyone that knows anything about nature will tell you that this is true. There are many humans of both types who are in the process of listening to the animals and are moving to come to their aid but they just can’t agree on how it should be done.

    One type of human wants to fix nature and try to make it like it used to be and others want to leave it alone and let nature fix itself. Unfortunately, we have damaged nature so much that it is at the point where it cannot fix itself. Invasive plants that out-survive native plants and invasive fish that could live in a bucket of gasoline have taken control of much of our wildlands.

    One type of human looks upon these invasive plants and animals and think that they are natural and therefore should be left alone. The other type of humans believes that nature cannot be repaired while invasive plants and animals are prominent in our wildlands and must be removed. So there we are. We have to agree that we disagree.

    Locally, a lot of money and effort have been spent on the restoration of Putah Creek. Now the work has all but stopped because one type of human does not agree with what the other is doing. Unless the restoration project is allowed to continue, everything, in time, will go back to being just what it was five years ago, lifeless and rancid. No self-respecting trout or salmon would swim in this creek as it was then unless it was brought in artificially.

    I don’t give a shit what anyone says, I know for a fact that the restoration of Putah Creek is a wonderful, successful project and healthy for the local watershed. I know this because I can hear what nature says to me and I see with my own eyes the hundreds and hundreds of salmon that now fill Putah Creek. As you are reading this, Putah Creek salmon are in the process of spawning all along the creek. The salmon tell me they are happy with and want us to continue the restoration project as it was.

    Please be respectful, keep your distance and give the salmon room to spawn. Thank you.

      • Madgew

      • November 27, 2015 at 10:11 am
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      And these are not GMO Salmon but the real thing. Keep on fighting for your creek Donald.

      • Valerie

      • December 10, 2015 at 11:25 pm
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      How can we help support the restoration?

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