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    • Jesse Loren

    • July 10, 2014 in Columnists

    Where’s the Christian compassion for migrant children?

    The political dissonance of far-right-Christians is at an all-new high. It isn’t all Christians. It’s the one’s who preach Jesus but live like Ted Haggard.

    Can you believe the venomous church-goers yelling at children to go home?

    I am talking about the Orange County Christians who tithe in their opulent churches and pray to Jesus to help them pick the right travertine tile. Of course, they drove by 11 homeless people on the way to church and stiffed the waitress for a tip.

    There’s a special place in hell for hypocrites.

    Do you think these are Christians? Do you think because they yell at women in front of abortion clinics, that they are somehow holy?

    I made a fetus poster once. I’m pretty sure that doesn’t provide me a golden ticket to heaven. Oh, hell no. But right now, right now among us in 2014, social services have been cut, food stamps have been cut, help for the poor, cut at the neediest time. And they say they are Christians.

    They pray their prayers and comb their hairs, but they are still dirty on Sundays.

    Right now, due to violence, death squads, poverty and rape squads, children are fleeing their homes in Central America. Since October, close to 57,000 have fled their tenuous safety and everything they know to seek asylum . Five-year-old children are walking in the desert to seek asylum, and the loud “Christians” of the far right are cordoning the street to turn them away. These aren’t the well-hated “brown anchor-babies” of Sarah Palin, they are even worse.  These are tiny asylum seekers on an incredible journey of hope. These are the true Disciples of Christ. And yet, they are  the enemies of Republican-white Jesus in his clean suit with a gun.

    I want to look into the eyes of the haters and remind them of Jesus’ compassion. Did he not preach compassion? Did he not feed the poor?  He washed the feet of his disciples to show his own humility. Where is that Christian humility now?

    If you think God wants you to be rich, you misplaced the heart of Jesus with a golden cow. Did Jesus give a speech about becoming vain, rich or selfish in order to enter the kingdom of heaven? No, class, he did not.

    I’m asking, if you believe you have a personal relationship with God, to look into your heart and ask if we’re doing enough to serve these unaccompanied children. Is your church doing anything?  What are the real Catholics and Christians doing?

    In my catechism we sang, “For when I was hungry, he gave me to eat. When I was thirsty he gave me to drink.” “Whatsoever you do to the least of my brothers. That you do unto me.” These children are our children. Our brothers, our sisters, and they do not deserve to be abandoned without hope, food or legal representation. For Christ sake, is this the hill the so-called Christians  are proud to stand on?

    • Jesus wouldn’t recognize most of these “Christians.” And – these “Christians” would probably crucify him all over again. If they were nice, white Canadian “illegals,” they’d be welcomed with open arms. It’s a brown thing.

    • I feel for these kids. Our country is a mess and this is so sad. I wish we could help everyone starting with those living in our country who are hungry, have no roof over their heads and roam the streets here. Immigration must be settled but now we must help these kids immediately. Impossible issues with very real concerns. No easy answers. We need to take our war money and put it into countries to help them take care of their own as we need to do here at home too. It saddens me to see all these children suffering because their governments use their money unwisely. Our children are the future leaders of all the countries and they deserve to live in countries at peace. I see so few answers to all these issues and this makes me more depressed. I can only do so much a one person and I will continue to support causes by time and money.

    • We need more compassion, less war, less greed.

      • Maya North

      • July 10, 2014 at 9:12 pm
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      This is fierce, gorgeous and true. I well remember those faces when I was a 15 year old street kid. Have they reached hypocritical mass yet? Should we take shelter before these people explode?

    • I honestly have too much to say about the politics of immigration so I will just keep it to the children. Someone is going to have to help those kids. The way this is all being politicized just goes to show you how bad the economy still is. A lot of bible thumpers would be out there saying send the kids back to Mexico (despite not knowing what the child’s actual nation of origin is). It’s a very very ugly situation and it well never get any better. I might write about why it won’t get better.

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