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    • Crystal Apilado

    • March 5, 2015 in Bloggers

    Why cat fights are better than couples therapy

    There is nothing quite like the chant of “Fight! Fight” that can stop even the most intense game of basketball and get all the kids to run across the yard. Unless it’s a talented milkshake, because I’ve heard that can bring all the boys to the yard. In the feline world  the equivalent to the “Fight” chant and a fabulous milkshake is the sound of a cat Meow Off. Not a cat fight, just the fighting words that precede it. Sometimes it starts with an angry, high shrill or a Meee-OW. Sometimes it’s just a low and trembling Meeeeehr. Often times it’s the first two or three exchanges of angry, bitter, pissed off Meeehr-Owws.

    Whichever it is, nothing slices through a cat nap or a dish of stinky cat food like a Meow Off. The possibility of a Cat Fight also has a magical way of helping two cats who normally don’t like each other find harmony together — even if it’s only temporary. My cats have quite the relationship. The Grouchy lady is loving (for the most part and always to her advantage) with the humans in the house and almost always dominant and downright mean toward my Pretty boy. My Pretty boy is skitzy and aloof all the time. He tends to take her abuse and once in a while gets a good jab in himself when he is feeling frisky. They spend their time pretending not to like each other and trying to instigate a good boxing session. Yet, just now, at the sound of a Meow Off they looked at each other wide-eyed and went running into the room closest to the cats outside.

    There they sat, side-by-side, those nosy little fur-butts. Their ears were perked at attention. Their tails whipped in delight. They exchanged glances, craned their necks to see better in the darkness trying to catch a glimpse of which outdoor cats were competing. Those shameless felines went absolutely bananas when the volume went higher and the shrill turned into a low, deep growl. They both rose up higher on their paw pads and swayed this way and that to get a better look. They ran over to the kitchen windowsill to see if they could get a better vantage point. I couldn’t stand the thought of a cat fight happening, being a cat lady at heart, so I jiggled the doorknob. The sound stopped the Meow Off in its tracks.

    Naturally, both cats came running over, thinking I was going to open the door to let them out. Instead, when they realized I had put an end to their adventurous night, I was graced with evil glares of disgust. Those furry brats shared a glance and then went to curl up on the couch together. No doubt they were calling me every bad word in the cat book and plotting how get their revenge for spoiling their fun. But, momentarily, they were united and not butting heads. I’ll have to see how long this unity lasts.

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