• Why not believe?

    The year was 1993. I loaned a friend $500 so that she could afford to reserve a beach house on Cape Cod for a family vacation. I then found out that I needed a new car, which I could not afford. My mother received a $500 check in the mail from Toyota as an incentive to buy a new Toyota. She gave me her old Toyota and I was able to sell my car for $500.

    What did this series of $500 events mean? I chose to see it as what goes around, comes around; an affirmation from the universe that my gift to my friend had not gone unnoticed.

    There was a time when I knew nothing of synchronicities (i.e., the coming together of inner and outer events in a way that cannot be explained by cause and effect and that is meaningful to the observer). I simply wasn’t that aware of what was happening around me. But once I understood the nature of synchronicity, I realized that if I was on my right path synchronicities appeared everywhere.

    In 2004 my new husband and I went on our honeymoon to the high desert country of Sedona, Arizona. It was a place I had always felt “called to” although Roy had never heard of it. We weren’t in town for 24 hours when Roy said, “You know, I think I could live here.” I was stunned to hear a Long Island, New York surfer say those words, but we weren’t looking to move, so I didn’t take him seriously. But somehow, during that wonderful vacation week, we found ourselves pricing land for “sometime in the future”.

    After a Harley ride on our second-to-last day we decided to stop and pick up a T-shirt for a friend. As we exited the shop, we made a wrong turn and instead of being back on the main road, found ourselves in the parking lot of a real estate agency. We figured that as long as we were there, we might as well check it out. We were greeted by Amy the agent who suggested that we take a look at a few homes that were on the market, just to see what we liked.

    The first house was kind of ramshackle, so we drove to the second which was newly built and had only been on the market for two weeks. The minute we were in the door we were captivated. This was the lay-out of the home we always dreamed we might have one day. After 15 minutes of checking around Roy and I met up in the kitchen and he asked me, “Do we need to look any further?” It was a surreal moment but I shook my head “No”.

    Amy stared at us, not quite certain if she was hearing correctly. We had suddenly gone from casually checking out the neighborhood to preparing to make an offer on this house. We were so unprepared that we had to ask her if she took credit cards.

    Although we clearly had Red Rock Fever, a condition not uncommon to first time visitors to Sedona, we still carefully crunched the numbers before we made a final decision. We planned for the house to be an investment for our future retirement. However events moved us along more quickly than we could have imagined and we moved to Sedona full-time in 2007.

    So what would have happened if we didn’t go shopping for a T-shirt that day and make the wrong turn into the real estate firm’s parking lot? It turned out that housing prices shot up right after we bought the Sedona home, and plunged immediately after the sale of our house in New Jersey (which, by the way, was purchased by a young couple who, synchronistically, had proposed to each other in the gazebo that they didn’t realize was located at the end of our block.) If we hadn’t acted when we did, we wouldn’t have been able to afford Sedona, or get a fair price in New Jersey. Our timing appears to have been impeccable.

    Some friends and family were sure that we were crazy when we came back from Sedona with a new house. It was a hard thing to explain rationally, because it wasn’t entirely rational.

    But we had been attuned to the signs all along and knew that we had found “home”.

    We trusted what was happening and accepted that we were being presented with an unanticipated opportunity. I truly believe that everything is connected and that there are no accidents.

    I know that beliefs are very personal but for me, living with the possibilities inherent in each moment makes sense. It gives me hope and has demonstrated to me time and again that things are meant to work out somehow if I pay attention to the messages I’m receiving. The system works.

    And I ask you, if you’re always being shown where to go by a benevolent source, why not believe?

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