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    • November 25, 2013 in Bloggers

    Why should you care about politics?

    Currently, the only thing that has happened in Congress was Harry Reid reducing the effect of the filibuster.  Meanwhile, you can still filibuster a debate on the Senate floor or a floor vote.  However, if you are a glass half full type of person — the Senate confirmations cannot be blocked.  OK fine, the Senate did one thing.

    Doesn’t that make you feel great?  Wow, the Senate rolled back a parliamentary trick. 

    Meanwhile, in a world called reality, no one can find suitable enough work to lift themselves out of poverty.  Recently the Daily Show ran a satirical clip on Walmart.  Walmart had bins out to collect canned goods for their employees.  

    Let that sink in a bit.  Did you also know we subsidize those jerk-offs?  Literally they call it a “wage subsidy,” and just to clarify, whenever Walmart gives an entry level employee a raise, it comes out of tax dollars.  Probably the same thing for McDonald’s, Burger King, Taco Bell, Home Depot, and other major retailers.

    When you think about how the economy is running, the outstanding feature is the “us versus them” mentality.  If THEY want a raise, the government can give those moochers a raise.  In fact, if they want to eat, let the taxpayers help them with SNAP (Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program) aka food stamps.  In other words, you can work 40 hours a week and still need government assistance to put food into your children’s mouths and your own mouth.

    What are government officials doing besides taking giant gobs of money from corporations to get elected and reelected?  I hate answering my own questions.

    When there is so much injustice in the world, one must ask — what is the point?  Why am I voting?  Why do I care about the Democrats and Republicans when they don’t care about my well-being or my family’s welfare?

    Someone recently asked me why I study and care about politics.  I was stunned and really had to think about it.

    Sarah Palin, Michelle Bachman, George W. Bush, Ronald Reagan, Trent Lott, Marion Barry, Buddy Cianci, Lincoln Chaffee, Rob Ford, Antonin Scalia and Bill Clinton — all these jerkoffs entertain me.

    Wait a minute.  I study politics because I find politicians entertaining?   Partially true.

    Why politics?  

    I personally believe concerned citizens and neighbors can come together and be heard.  Politics should set the stage where someone can air their grievances and at the very least have the ear of someone else who can help him or her.  In America, our government serves two basic functions: to protect private property and distribute justice.  John Locke’s original idea of Liberalism is constructed in the Second Treatise of Government.

    There are other competing ideologies to Liberalism, such as Communism, Anarchism, Libertarianism, Fascism, Conservatism and other.  My main pleasure is to see the outcomes of those competing ideologies.  We basically knew what happened with the Soviet project.  We understand the effects of Liberalism in America.  We see the benefits and problems of Socialism in France.  We can see the absolute disaster of right-wing Nationalism in Hitler’s Germany.  We have the historical evidence of what happens when a man’s idea and word jump from the page of a book into the streets and villages and nations.

    We see the wars, we see the tragedies, we see the triumph of the human spirit, and we see a nation rise to power and prominence with a single belief.  A man writes on a page how to get there, and the nation follows one man’s revolution.

    Isn’t that amazing?  The speeches and ideas of a person can move mountains.  A president talks about flying to the moon and excites the imagination of a country,

    Politics is the art of dividing power amongst people.  However, because all things bow to politics, politics can also be the laboratory where things can be possible.

    Someone can write ideas on freedom, civility, prosperity, and poverty with poetry and prose to change the minds of thousands if not millions of people.

    Why care about politics?

    Granted, I now live in the world of the Walking Dead.  It seems everyone has lost his or minds and we are just fighting to survive in a cruel world.  John Locke had a term for this: “a state of nature.”  It feels like your freedom and liberty are gone.  It feels like at any point you will be torn apart by monsters.

    I study and participate in politics because politics will be the salvation to get us out of this cynical nightmare where everyone is just a rich man’s pawn, ready to be sacrificed at any moment as long as that pawn protects him.

    Can we escape this world of Us versus Them?  The rich versus poor?The political class versus the rest of us?

    To quote the great rapper and philosopher KRS-One, “If you want to escape Armageddon, read another book.”  If we want out of this world we are in, we need new ideas.  The Old World is dead and we are never going back to paradise. 

    Time to start cracking those books, homey.

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