• With Apologies to Hank Longfellow AND Paul Revere…

    by Tom McMasters-Stone

    Listen my children and you shall here,
    the goodnight ride of Glenn Beck is here.
    The last week of June, twenty-eleven
    An answer, at last, to prayers sent to heaven.

    When we first heard the rumors,
    we doubted their truth.
    Now it’s a certainty,
    they’ve cut Old Glenn loose.

    A monger of fear, a purveyor of lies,
    his show aimed at sheep, and not toward the wise.
    Finally, it’s over, the end of the run,
    Turn out the lights, the fat lady has sung.

    Each night he would pace, and he’d rant and he’d rave,
    he’d plead, he’d worry- and shake both those fists.
    And scribble on his white boards, his flip charts,
    those long, endless lists.

    Enemies here, enemies there- in “fact”, just about everywhere!
    Under each rock, behind every bush;
    in Congress, the media, those damn Union Halls
    Planned Parenthood, ACORN, even the Census phone calls

    the Muslims, the Kenyan, his terrorist friends
    Pelosi, Reid, and Biden- the whole damn crew.
    Liberals, Progressives, Socialists, too.

    And the melodrama, the sobs,
    all those tears shed right on cue
    crying for “his” country, “Oh, what can we do?”

    Listen my children and you shall hear
    The goodnight ride of Glenn Beck is here,
    But when all was said, when all was done,

    His real truths were a pittance.
    As he rides off into the sunset, we wish him-
    no, not good riding, but rather Good Riddance.

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