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    • Donald Sanders

    • February 13, 2014 in Columnists

    Wonderful Week

    This has been a wonderful but very weird week for me, so I have to tell you about it. When I say, “weird,” I mean out of the norm. I’m still doing my volunteer work for the Putah Creek Council. I’ve been helping them plant thousands of native area trees all along Putah Creek, as usual, except that now I get to drive a fire truck rigged with special attachments to water the plants without ever getting out of the truck. It’s so easy for me that I slept for several hours and when I woke up, I was finished with the last tree.

    I’m getting so good at planting trees that I’m thinking of contacting the Guinness Book of World Records people to see if I’m setting a world record or maybe just a California record, who knows! The people at Guinness know me from prior world record attempts but they said I’d have to eat a whole lot more live frogs if I wanted to beat any record they have on the books. I tried, but it was too much like eating vegetables for my taste. Sometimes they don’t answer when I contact them and once threatened to call the police if I called again. I beat that by calling a different number at their accounting office. Next I plan to call their maintenance supervisor; he’s got to know someone that can help me without all the trouble.

    Anyway, I spend so much time with the Putah Creek Council that my wife has to call Libby Earthman, Sara Sevy Tremayne, or Martha Rocha to schedule time for me to mow my own lawn. My wife would like our lawn mowed and hedges trimmed at least within the next week. It’s not all work because the girls treat me to breakfast at the Putah Creek Cafe at least once a week. That’s why I’m getting so fat.

    Thanks to the Putah Creek Council, the Solano County Water Agency, and the City of Winters, the waters of the creek are crystal clear and icy cold. I don’t know if you have heard about, it but the salmon are now coming up the creek to spawn in big numbers. I think I saw a marlin in the creek from the pedestrian bridge the other day, but maybe it was a yellow tail tuna. Anyway, if you haven’t been down to the Winters Nature Park lately, you should make the effort  just to check out the wildlife or to take a hike.

    The other day, my friend Joe lost his wallet somewhere in town and was very distraught over the loss of his identification cards, banking cards, and a substantial amount of cash. I kept telling him that it was never to be seen again and talked him into cancelling his bank cards for financial safety. Believe it or not, within 30 minutes of cancelling his cards, his wallet was returned, cards within, along with every cent of the cash. Joe would like to convey a big, heartfelt thank you to Mary Beth for her honesty and good will in returning the wallet. Joe is just lucky I didn’t find it.

    My other friends, Steve and Terry, got lost in the forest near Lake Oroville last weekend while hiking. Steve hurt his leg and told Terry he could only travel downhill. Well, after hours of going downhill they were lost. Terry called the rangers to ask directions and the ranger said, “I’ll have to declare this an “Emergency Rescue!” Terry told me he was terrified because he could see the lights of two parking lots, but he had no idea in which his truck was parked. Steve said the only bad thing about the whole rescue is that he didn’t get a helicopter ride. Dang-it!

    To top the week off, I made my wife dinner for her birthday. I whipped up a special batch of my “Falla-part Meat Loaf.” My meatloaf doesn’t come in a loaf; it comes in more of a pile, so you can eat it out of a bowl with a spoon. My wife says she would like to try her recipe next time. That’s fine with me, because as good as this week was, I could eat almost anything, even her meatloaf.

    You know what? This week was so good, I’m filled with gratitude. Gratitude is the ability to be aware of the gifts life provides that we have done absolutely nothing to earn, deserve or receive. Isn’t that nice?

    • You desrve it all and this is not random. You are a great person and so glad your week went well.

    • This great fun to read. What I liked best was contacting the janitor. Since it’s often the janitor who did it on Criminal minds and like mind-altering shows ( not for the good either), of course it would be the janitor who can can get things done on everything else, too.

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