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    Would you fall for me? Come skydiving!

    You don’t have to jump out of a plane! But I recommend it 100 percent — even more!

    Hey all y’all ! I can hardly believe this is our 5th Annual West Coast SPECKtacular Skydiving for ALS! I truly thought my first jump would also be my last (from ALS, not skydiving ha!) but I ain’t dead yet! This is an ALS FUNdraiser and you don’t have to skydive, but I hope you do. I totally want you to just come out to the picnic and chill. But not too chill, cuz my body can’t handle cold temperatures anymore. If you wanna donate that day or before, after or never, come on out and have a play date with all of us fun-lovin’ folks.

    On Saturday, May 17, 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. at Skydance (Yolo County Airport 10 minutes northwest of Davis, California), you can tandem with your own personal “jump master” strapped on your back. I did it at our first jumpy jump — it was a spiritual experience — a wonderful, unforgettable sensation. ALL funds go to research at ALS TDI.

    Saturday, May 12, at 4 p.m. is the deadline to put down a $25 deposit to save your seat on the plane. Tell the kind, patient folks at Skydance that you want to take your turn, after your training of course, by noon.

    Not everyone has to jump to join the cause to find a cure for ALS. Donations are welcome anytime: www.als.net. (Thank you so much!)

    When you check out the Skydance Skydiving Facebook page, you’ll read that the cost of the your jump decreases as the number of jumpers increases, so invite your friends, neighbors and co-workers.

    I bet you’ve already my posts/emails/Blong entrees about the May 17 SPECKtacular Skydiving event for ALS… right ? I can’t give up. I just can’t. So I’m calling out to you and your friends and everyone who isn’t dead tired of reading about it. If we don’t get four $ 5 deposits to skydive by this Saturday, April 12, at 4 p.m., we’ll have to cancel the event, and suck up the donations.

    Well, that’s not quite true: You don’t have to skydive or be at the picnic to make a donation. Just like you don’t have to run a 5k to donate money for breast cancer — you just send in the $$. Well, it is a bit different, since there is no cure for ALS — not at all. If we don’t get money for research we’ll just keep dying off. I know, sadly, that there won’t be a cure in my lifetime.

    Those who have ALS are totally out of control as ALS takes the muscles and the bodies wither away. Many of you are so generous with your donations and you actually come to the ALS Walk-a-Thongs. Oh gawd, I don’t like — I really don’t like — asking for donations. I feel like such a pest. I’m happy to organize and publicize FUNdraisers… but flat out asking for money makes me want to hide. So there you have it: I just confessed. I made a “journal entry” in public.

    I advocate for everyone, anyone else, who is affected by ALS. You know what I’m talking about, right? You’ve seen people with ALS and you watch their loved ones grieve, even weep. If you don’t know much about the horrors of ALS please ask me or Debra DeAngelo, who lost a dear friend to ALS. The Speck immediate family has already lost our mom and two brothers, and then there’s me…

    I can tell you really want to cheer me up. The best way to do that is for you to skydive. I totally love to greet the folks after they land and ask them how it felt. Usually they say something like,” I don’t know how to explain it. It doesn’t feel like you’re falling, it’s more like flying. OMG I wanna do it again!” There is a special deal if you want to jump again that afternoon.

    Once again, if you want to donate, whether or not you can join us on May 17, you can still donate, online or snail (slug) mail. You can do it here : www.als.net Please indicate that it’s for the SPECKtacular Skydiving for ALS.

    I’m only spearheading two FUNdraisers in 2014 — this one and the ALS Walk-a-Thong on Oct. 4 at Raley Field in West Sacramento. You all have been so supportive, and I don’t want to annoy any of you.

    I don’t think I need to continue asking you to help us, but I do want to reward you with a couple fun photos and You Tube videos starring me, of course.

    2010-04-25 14.10.34

    Okay, here are a few photos and my skydive. You help us smile and feel inspired.

    Here’s the video from my 2010 skydiving adventure. Totally fabulous, amazing and darn- near spiritual!

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2HPIIv1KnDg    Pay no attention to the original text about the event happening in April

    And here I am rockin’ out before ALS, BALS(Before ALS): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mm25AAExxZY

    2007-07-12 14.18.55

    And another BALS photo

    You can read all about “my ALS story” on www.cathydyingasliving.com




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