• Yesterday I was wrong

    by Donald K. Sanders

    I wrote this on September 11, but for some reason I didn’t send it in. I don’t know why, maybe because of the mood I was in on that day of remembrance. Now I think that I’d like people to know how I felt on 9/11/2011:

    Yesterday, on September 10, I would have written about the commercialization of the horrible events of “9/11.” That was the way that I was feeling yesterday. Today I feel differently, today I feel sad, very sad.

    This morning I found that when I turned on the television, 9/11 was thrust upon me like a bright light followed closely by a deep dark cloud, a cloud of sadness. I was taken back in time, a full decade, to that dreadful day. I could not escape from the sadness, for I found I was encompassed by it in many ways that I had never considered.

    The events of this day sucked me in like soda through a straw. The sheer magnitude of somber remembrance hit me like a ton of bricks as it spread sadness tirelessly until it encircled the entire world. That is how I felt today.

    The anger is gone and it is nowhere to be found. I think that this is a good thing. I am disgusted with the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. I think that there were other, better roads to take to get to where we are now. Roads that would not run parallel and equally evil with the original deeds that took us there in the first place.

    The ceremonies of remembrance that I viewed today were respectful and heartfelt in their depth. There was nothing commercial in any of this long day’s recollection of such evil events that make you want to forget and remember them at the same time. There was no finger pointing, no blaming, no anger. Only a deep respectful memorization of those who passed on and are now frozen in time like words chiseled into marble.

    I remember those dreadful moments when those buildings collapsed into themselves, turning so many loved ones into so much pink vapor. The vision of it is burnt into my brain. Our mighty nation has yet to recover from that day, a decade ago.

    Today, as I think about what is happening around the world, I can visualize how those evil events have changed our world. Most recently, the entire Middle East is engulfed in a life and death struggle for freedom and equal rights. There is a ravenous hunger for democracy everywhere around the globe. It is a child of 9/11.

    In the end, there will be many after-effects of 9/11. They will ripple around the world like the Japanese tsunami. They both have similar and devastating results on every facet of our lives. The initial horror and sadness was followed by the near collapse of real estate sales and stock markets on Wall Street. Those who we consider to be our enemy have accomplished what they intended. The nation traversed fear, anger and every other emotion except one — forgiveness.

    As I said before, 9/11 has rippled around the world in the guise of hate, violence and anger. It forever grows within the generations of humanity that were witness to 9/11. Neither side can forgive the trespasses of the other, and so it will be for generation upon generation, forever and ever, upon this planet called Earth.

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