• author
    • Heather Alani

    • November 18, 2014 in Columnists

    You will spring a leak — it won’t take long

    I spent a long time
    cleaning out
    trying to fix
    my mental cracks
    I stood back
    it felt good
    pipes looked shiny and new
    My chest swelled up
    with a bit of pride
    Super ego said Hey girl
    you accomplished what others
    could only try
    What’s that? Pipe sprung a leak!
    I didn’t see that complex growing like a weed!

    How can this be?
    because another person didn’t believe in me?

    We can fix what we do, how we react.
    We cannot help how our subconscious stores and makes tracks.
    Do not ever walk twice in the path of another person’s
    you will spring a leak, it won’t take long.
    Walk away from that which you know is not right
    even if you think it is not your own
    mental fight.
    If you stay around, wait too long….
    I promise..
    you will drown yourself
    In another’s storm.

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